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Dress Like Anger

Goku Cosplay Wig
Red Compression Sleeve
White Poplin Dress Shirt
Red and Silver Striped Tie
Red Gloves
Classic Red Face Paint
38mm Leather Bridle Belt
Brown Moc Run Off Toe Slip On
Brown Pleated Front Slacks

From the hit Pixar/Disney movie Inside Out, Anger is one of the five emotions inside the mind of Riley Andersen. Anger, voiced by Lewis Black, has a fiery attitude and tends to explode when things don’t go as planned. Create an outburst at your next costume party with Anger’s look. Start with a White Poplin Dress Shirt, a Red and Silver Striped Tie, Brown Leather Bridle Belt, Brown Pleated Front Slacks, and Brown Moc Toe Slip Ons. Get heated up like Anger with a Goku Cosplay Wig, Classic Red Face Paint, Under Armour Red Compression Sleeve Shirt, and Red Gloves.

  1. $16.79 Goku Cosplay Wig
  2. $27.99 Red Compression Sleeve
  3. $21.39 White Poplin Dress Shirt
  4. $4.99 Red and Silver Striped Tie
  5. $5.75 Red Gloves
  6. $7.04 Classic Red Face Paint
  7. $21.99 Leather Bridle Belt
  8. $35.97 Brown Moc Run Off Toe Slip On
  9. $24.99 Brown Pleated Front Slacks

Anger Cosplay

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