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Male Pokemon Go Trainer (Valor)

Pokemon GO Trainer Visor Hat
Racing Biker Gloves
Pokemon Go Trainer Hoodie
Pokeball Toy
Loose Fit MTB Shorts
Triathlon Tights Fitness Pants
Puma Men's Ventnor Sneaker
Pokemon Go Backpack

While you’re out catching Pikachu on Pokemon Go, you might as well look like a legit Team Valor Pokemon trainer. You can catch ’em all with this costume. Start with a Pokemon GO Trainer Visor Hat to protect yourself from the sun. Wear a Pokemon Go Trainer Hoodie, Loose Fit MTB Shorts, Racing Biker Gloves, and Triathlon Tights Fitness Pants. Stay comfortable in the Puma Men’s Ventnor Sneaker. Don’t forget your Pokemon Go Backpack, along with your Pokeball Toy. Now you’re ready to be the very best. Just watch out for Team Rocket!

  1. $16.80 Pokemon GO Trainer Visor Hat
  2. $14.68 Racing Biker Gloves
  3. $65.80 Pokemon Go Trainer Hoodie
  4. $3.99 Pokeball Toy
  5. $30.99 Loose Fit MTB Shorts
  6. $11.90 Triathlon Tights Fitness Pants
  7. $42.99 Puma Men's Ventnor Sneaker
  8. $36.98 Pokemon Go Backpack

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